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  • I have just made a booking on the website, do I get any confirmation by email?

    You will first receive an email confirming the reception of your booking. Within the next hours, we will send you a confirmation by email with your reference number, which you will be able to print out. If you don’t receive any emails, it is probably because the email adress was not filled in correctly.


  • I have just received several confirmations by email, I just want one vehicle!

    As some email servers do not accept emails with images, we send you two separate confirmation emails, one with plain text and one with images. This does not mean that you have duplicated your booking, it is a system we have established in order to make sure that you receive your booking number.

    If you have received more than one booking number and you want only one vehicle, please send us an email and we will cancel the duplicate booking.


  • Where do I have to pick up the car?

    Please note that this information will be provided in your confirmation email as it may vary depending on the supplier and location.


  • Can I pick up or drop off the vehicle at locations other than the ones shown on your website?

    Vehicle pick up and drop off must be at the airports showed on our website. We do not offer delivery to hotels or other locations, neither do we offer car rental at airports which are not showed on our website.


  • Do your offer one-way rentals?

    No, we do not. Pick up and drop off has to be at the same airport, you are not allowed to drop off the vehicle at a location other than the airport where you picked it up.


  • Can you quote me for my requested period of time?

    Please note that by clicking on a destination on the left side of our website, you can obtain a quote for your requested period of time and vehicle.


  • Do you offer any discounts on your prices?

    Our prices are already one of the lowest of the car rental market, we cannot offer any discounts.


  • I need to hire a vehicle but the website says that there are no cars available, what shall I do?

    When this happens it´s because our supplier has informed us that unfortunately there are no cars available at your destination for the period of time that you requested.


  • Can I pay with cash at the time of pick up?

    The only payment method available is with a major bank card (VISA, Eurocard / Mastercard or American Express). The owner of the card must be present as the payment is at the time of pick up.


  • Do your prices include the insurance?

    Normaly our prices include a Fully Comprehensive Insurance without excess.


  • Could you tell me if I can hire an estate or saloon vehicle with you?

    Depending on the location. Please request a quote on the website at the location of your preference and you will see the fleet available.


  • Do you have any cabriolets, jeeps or 7/9 seaters?

    Depending on the location. Please request a quote on the website at the location of your preference and you will see the fleet available.


  • Can you inform me about your fuel policy?

    This may vary depending on the supplier.


  • Can I take my vehicle from one island to another?

    The vehicle transfer on the ferry is not covered by the insurance, the vehicles may not leave the islands.


  • Can I drive abroad with my vehicle?

    This may vary depending on the supplier.


  • Can I add a second driver to my booking?

    Please note that you can add the additional drivers on your arrival.


  • I´m 22 years old, some companies won’t let me hire a vehicle, can you help me?

    The driver must have held his driving license for at least one year and the minimum age to be able to hire a car with us is 21 years old.
    Please note as well that we don´t have any upper age limit.


  • I will be arriving at midnight, will that be any problem?

    If you provide us with your inbound flight number, an employee of our supplier will be waiting for you.


  • I will be dropping the car off after midnight, do you have any extra charge for this?

    There is no charge for out of hours drop off. You will be instructed on how to return the car the car at the moment of pick up.


  • Do you offer roof racks?

    We do not offer roof racks, roof bars or snow chains. Roof racks or roof bars may not be installed in your hired vehicle.


  • May I take a surfboard into the vehicle?

    Please note that our suppliers have forbidden the transportation of surfboards in their vehicles.


  • I want to hire an automatic vehicle, can you provide me with one?

    Depending on the location. Please request a quote on the website at the location of your preference and you will see the fleet available.


  • Please inform me about the age of your vehicles.

    Our suppliers renew their fleet every five or six months in order to provide you with new and reliable vehicles.


  • Please confirm that I will have radio-cassette in my vehicle.

    Most of the vehicles in the fleet of our suppliers have radio-cassette and some vehicles have cd-player; however, we cannot confirm that you will have neither accessory.


  • Will I have the obligatory reflective jacket in my hire vehicle?

    According to the Spanish Ministry of Internal Affairs, it is the driver's responsability to carry the mandatory reflective jacket, for this reason our suppliers do not provide reflective jackets in the vehicle.


  • I would like to rent a vehicle but it has to be a diesel.

    We cannot guarantee that your vehicle will be diesel as this depends on availability. We confirm only the vehicle category, not specific details such as fuel, color, make, etc.


  • I would like to rent a vehicle but I want to have a navigation system in it.

    None of the vehicles in the fleet of our suppliers has a navigation system.


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